Moving Out/Moving In

I should be executed!

It’s been over a month of no entries. I know. There’s no excuse for this but I’ve been genuinely busy for the past few weeks. I’ve had my hands full with work and I moved out, moved in to a new place. You know how much stressful that is blah blah.. the list goes on. I’m still settling to the new house – it’s a new neighbourhood, new adjustment. It will be awhile to get a good hold of the new routine, but so far so good.

Work wise, I got promoted (YAY!) so that explains why I’ve been busy since then. Additional workloads, more responsibilities, decision-making and all that jazz. But I’m not complaining. It’s good to be busy sometimes.

Anyways, important thing is I’m back into action and that’s all that matters.

Sad that roomies and I decided to move out, separately. At the moment, I’m staying with the sister in the new place. Few days before we moved out, we had a simple farewell dinner at the old apartment and we invited some friends we’ve met from the past 3 years to join in with the so called celebration. I made a video montage that serves as a tribute for us and the memories we had together and I’m going to share it with you. Just bear with the elementary quality of the video, I’m not really good at it..

946 FamBam

music courtesy of The Rembrandts and Atlantic Records


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