One morning in Penang Island


Penang City Hall

So I took the sleeper train from KL that night and arrived at Butterworth the following morning. We were half an hour delayed but the whole train ride was relatively comfortable. I guess, I was too tired from the walking I did back at the capital or the 2nd class KTM bunk beds were just comfy enough that I managed to get a full on snoozer and got me prepared for today’s walkathon. The Bangkok bound train departs in the afternoon so it was just good for a half day tour in Georgetown.

The confusing thing about arriving in Penang, especially for first-timers like me is the fact that the train station is at Butterworth, an independent town in Penang State located in the mainland just adjacent to Penang Island where Georgetown, the state capital, is situated. Confusing right? The important thing that you need to know is, when you arrive in Butterworth, you still need to get yourself to Penang Island. From the station the nearest means of reaching the island is by ferry. Ferries depart at close intervals from the Butterworth dock at a cost of MYR1.20 two-way. The longer option is to take a cab/bus or drive to the island via Penang Bridge which is very out of the way unless you don’t mind the extra travel time. Anyways, for more details about this, check my entry regarding Penang transportations at Backpacking The Malayan Peninsula

I was famish upon arrival, so what’s a guy gotta do when he’s starving? Simple.. EAT! I can’t really remember the names of these stuff but they were good..



2012-06-20 10.24.13 HDR

Uncle Juicer
2012-06-20 10.21.25 HDRfreshly squeezed orange juice from a hawker

Penang is renowned to be the culinary capital of Malaysia due to the multiracial composition of the city, plus it’s rich colonial past. It’s not hard for one to see or smell what I mean as every street corner offers a food place that cater to any ethnic food cravings. Once I had my tummy fix, I was off to discover the rest of the city..

First off… Lebuh Pantai. This is the main thoroughfare in the Old Quarters.





2012-06-20 08.29.50

2012-06-20 08.39.16Walking through the old district, the city reminded me a whole lot of Vigan with all the colonial buildings and architecture. Oddly, it felt like I was home for a moment.

SONY DSCSONY DSC2012-06-20 09.11.362012-06-20 10.06.53 HDR

Traffic along Lebuh Light..


The Penang Court ComplexSONY DSC

2012-06-20 09.48.03 HDR


Pinang Fountain Roundabout

SONY DSCme posing infront of Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower

St. George’s Church, the oldest Anglican church in Southeast Asia2012-06-20 09.59.28 HDR2012-06-20 10.00.26 HDRLittle India
2012-06-20 10.11.12 HDR

2012-06-20 10.05.05 HDRKuan Yin Temple


2012-06-20 11.03.35 HDR

view of Georgetown from the harbor

I definitely need to return here. There were attractions that I missed and food that I didn’t try (Penang Laksa is a MUST!). Until that happens, I can only daydream… and drool!


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