Bangkok Smiles

WARNING: This post is soo outdated, it borders between extinction and trash. I feel like I have committed a crime. Fuck procrastination! (excuse my French)

Since I’ve already dealt with the elephant in the room, let’s just proceed with the rest of the post shall we?

2012-06-22 14.34.53 HDR

As I jump out from the train, out from a 21-hr ride (felt like forever) that originated in Butterworth, Malaysia, I found myself sweating like a pig from the humidity. It was drizzling when I arrived. But it didn’t offer any help. The central station is old-massive, as compared to KL Sentral which is considered ‘ultra’ modern and huge. There’s an air of grandness from it. Enough to somehow divert my attention away from the obvious tiredness and a yearning for decent sleep.

2012-06-21 12.52.04 HDR

Hua Lamphong Railway Station

2012-06-21 12.59.19 HDRfacade of the station with yours truly

First impression of Bangkok: typical Southeast Asian megacity. Traffic was horrible which is expected. It felt like I was in Manila but a better version; cleaner, less polluted, better infrastructure, colorful cabs, and people who never fail to smile. Plus the obvious Thai alphabet of course.

You see, Bangkok thrives from being on the move. Everywhere you look, everything and everyone is hustling. It’s an organized chaos.


Ratchaprarop from the Airport Link station with the same name.

2012-06-23 09.32.40 HDR

Pratunam District

2012-06-21 19.24.16 HDR

Sala Daeng BTS Station

2012-06-23 12.23.57 HDR

Siam Exchange BTS Station

2012-06-23 13.45.17 HDR

Rama I with the infamous Bangkok traffic

2012-06-21 17.24.12 HDR

Victory Monument

It’s a mixture of hip and vibe.

2012-06-21 20.25.45 HDR

Khaosan Road at night

Khaosan Road is hippies central. Backpacker hostels line the street on both sides. If you’re searching for the cheapest accomodation in town, this is the place to be. At night, it turns into a night market with buskers selling food, insect delicacies and whatnots.

2012-06-23 11.38.49 HDR

2012-06-23 12.24.13 HDR

Siam Paragon

2012-06-23 12.32.45 HDR

2012-06-23 13.35.37 HDR

Central World

I’ve got to say the region should be considered as the mall capital of the world. Along with other SE Asian cities, Bangkok also have its own fair share of the mall craze dotting around the city. (Window)Shopping is a favorite past time in this part of the world which is I’m guilty of too. Blame it on the weather, I say.

It’s a mixture of concrete jungle and nature.

2012-06-22 09.08.32 HDR

2012-06-23 14.22.51 HDR

2012-06-22 18.10.07 HDR

Baiyoke Tower II

2012-06-23 11.10.52 HDR

a clock tower from Queen Sirikit Park beside Chatuchak

2012-06-21 18.56.15 HDR

Lumphini Park at dusk

Inspite of all these, Bangkok managed to keep its tradition and cultural soul. Wats and grand palaces stand side by side with modern structures. Statues of kings adorn the cityscape. Modernity is evident but what makes the city or the country profound is the way they managed to keep their rich history for everyone to see and admire. Which is very impressive.

I’m going to post a separate entry on historical places I went to while I was there of course. So keep posted.

2012-06-22 17.21.16 HDR

Ananda Samakhom Throne Hall

2012-06-22 16.21.19 HDR

King Rama V Monument

2012-06-21 18.45.30 HDR

King Rama VI Monument

I left Bangkok amazed and astounded. I had reservations prior to arriving and insecurities to some extent. At first I thought, it’s no different from Manila. Just another carbon emitting megalopolis bursting at the seams.


I have all the right to feel insecure though. Sure, the list of similarities between the 2 cities can go on and on. But Bangkok handles everything better than my dear old Manila. They figure things out better than we do. They manage to make things work and make the most out of what they have and strive for better things unlike back home. Having said that, efforts are seen in Manila too and we are trying. It is very commendable.

Anyways, to end this, I’m just going to make it short and sweet.

Bangkok is a pretty darn good place to visit and I would go back again for sure. 🙂


A trip to Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand for that matter is definitely incomplete without devouring some local cuisine. My friends, I’ll let the following photos do all the talking..

2012-06-23 11.00.15 HDR

Som Tam

2012-06-22 20.59.25 HDR

Mango Sticky Rice

2012-06-22 20.21.55 HDR

Tom Yum Goong

2012-06-21 17.51.20 HDR

Ba Mee Tom Yum

2012-06-21 18.10.45 HDR

Seafood Skewers

2012-06-21 17.51.13 HDR

Guay-Jap Naam Kon



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