Breakfast at Antonio’s

Breakfast at Antonio’s facade

Hurray for all-day breakfast eats! If one day your life would only depend on one meal to survive, I’d choose breakfast in a heartbeat.

Breakfast at Antonio’s talks the talk, walks the walk and then some. It means business when it comes to delivering good and quality food. My friends and I braved the morning rush and drove to Tagaytay one fine Friday morning for the sole purpose of indulging ourselves with basically anything the culinary scene the city has to offer. I mean, is there a better way (other than diving straight into bulalo or munching on crispy piping hot tawilis!) to start a food pilgrimage than a glorious breakfast food.

The bakery

restaraunt’s interior

On that specific morning, I was on a mission. Beef Tapa Mission. And boy did I accomplished it and more! Best. Beef. Tapa. Ever. Period. I can’t stress it any further, it really is the best. Paired with sunny eggs and their house achara, slivers of cured beef sat pretty atop a cup of garlic rice waiting to be devoured. Yum!


The pancake sets weren’t too shabby either. I like how they allow you to customize what goes with your pancakes depending on your preference. I had mine with extra bacon of course. The meatloaf also tasted good. Nothing special but good.

Service wise, the staff were attentive enough to know when our table needed a refill of water. Not over-familiar, just a good amount of enthusiasm and zest.

Lovely interiors, as always. And I like the new blue paint job of the exteriors too!


Breakfast at Antonio’s, Aguinaldo Highway, Bagong Tubig, Tagaytay City Contact No. +63464130738


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