fancy table setting at Blackbird

Celebrated Valentine’s Day with the partner at Blackbird. Despite initially being waitlisted for dinner, we managed to secure our table 2 days before the 14th. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the restaurant and it being one of the fanciest places to dine in Manila, expectations ran high.


the valentine’s menu

For Valentine’s Dinner, they offered a fixed 5-course meal menu plus a box of homemade macarons to take home.

Now on to the review:


green pea and mint soup with chorizo and cream fraiche


twiced baked leek, goat cheese and parmesan souffle

Low: Sans the saving grace of chorizo slivers, the green pea soup to me felt out-of-place from the whole set. The combination of pureed green pea and mint was a bit weird for my liking. I understand that the soup was supposed to cleanse your palate in preparation for the main course but the set could’ve been better off with another type of soup. It was bland even when I asked for extra salt and pepper. Another disappointment is the cheese souffle. I can’t even taste any hint of leeks in it and it was spongy, similar in texture with a dry tofu. The oozing cheesy creaminess from inside the souffle is sorely missing. It could be that it was kept in the oven longer than usual.


snake river farms wagyu flat-iron steak, shimeji mushrooms, bacon, potato puree and red wine jus


butter roasted lobster tail, celeriac risotto, asparagus and lobster sauce

Mediocre: The 2 mains of lobster with celeriac risotto and wagyu steak were pretty decent if not regular. The lobster was perfectly cooked, not gummy or rubbery and complimented well with the bed of risotto. I had the steak medium rare as per usual and it was alright. Both were tasty especially the beef but there were really nothing special to write home about with these dishes.


smoked mackerel and horseradish croustades, betel leaves, prawn scotch quail eggs and coconut chili sambal, parmesan polenta and truffled mushroom ragout


foie gras parfait, roast pear, hazelnuts, watercress and parsnip crisps

High: I particularly enjoyed the hor d’oeuvres especially the scotch quail eggs with betel leaves and coconut chili sambal. It was to die for! What a great way to start a meal. The foie gras on toast was decadent. Personal preference leans more into searing, but the creamy buttery melts-in-your-mouth consistency of that duck liver parfait was amazing. That, and the roasted pear and hazelnuts, it was texture party in my mouth!


dark chocolate and malted milk ice creams, salted caramel and florentine biscuits, brioche pudding, lemon and elderflower parfait, strawberries and pistachios, pineapple, coconut and passionfruit semifreddo

Best of the Night: Definitely goes to the desserts. You know you’re in for a treat if the name of the dessert is on itself mouthful. LOL. That brioche pudding with lemon and elderflower parfait with pistachios and strawberries on top – Heaven! The dark chocolate and malted milk ice cream were extraordinary. They were light as opposed to your typical ice cream that tends to be heavy on your tastebuds. And finally, that semifreddo was the frozen crown of it all. Not cloying, just the perfect sweetness I like. Easily the highlight of the night.

Ambiance was topnotch. Service was attentive and friendly. Definitely a good place to bring your special someone for a romantic meal.

BLACKBIRD AT NIELSON TOWER 6752 Makati Ave., Makati, Philippines 1229 +6328284888


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